Welkom bij het

Tamboer- & Lyrakorps "Anna Paulowna"


een vooruitstrevende band uit de gelijknamige plaats

Anna Paulowna

gelegen in de Kop van Noord Holland.


De naam "Anna Paulowna" hebben wij ontleend aan de naam van de Russische grootvorstin

Anna Paulovna,

later Koningin Anna Paulovna, echtgenote van Koning Willem ll.

Deze naam is later door de spreektaal

Anna Paulowna geworden.


Short information about this site for our English speaking guests.


We come from Anna Paulowna witch is situated in the north of Holland near Den Helder.


The band is for young and old and it’s a friendly band with an nice atmosphere.

We train every Thursday evening, first the young ones, then all together, in between we have a coffee brake.

We play all over in Holland, but also abroad on several occasions and festivals.

We are what you would call a mallet band, and play in the first division.

Till now we haven’t played in England yet

( you can always invite us )

Several prices are our share but we play mainly for the fun of it.

Due to our performances we gathered a lot of friends.

Special are our friends from Konstanz Germany.

We do visit each other on a regular base and have nice musical sessions together, there name is Fanfarenzug der Niederburg


 Further on this site will be in  Dutch but we invite you to have a look around.

Don’t miss the multimedia and foto’s (photo) button, there you can hear and see us.


On the left side of this page you will find an explanation off how our name was founded, you can always mail us when you don't understand it or if you like to know more.


Have fun strolling through our site and thanks for visiting us.



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Tamboer & Lyra Korps

Anna Paulowna

Nachtegaallaan 30

1761 WH

Anna Paulowna

Tel. 0223-532655